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News website and platform

This website is dedicated to International Standard on Assurance Engagements 3402 and third-party assurance for service organizations. This website is developed to provide news on risk management, certification, third party assurance and other general information on ISAE 3402 and related topics.

Not official standard setting

The maintenance of is outsourced to external organizations and is not the official standards setting body nor is it affiliated with the official standards setting body (IFAC). The IFAC is the professional organization responsible for the official attestation standards and professional guidance. Further information can be obtained from the IFAC's website on service organization controls reports.

Objectives website

The focus of this Website is to support and initiate activities focussed on the sustainability within enterprises and transparency within (financial) markets. This is accomplished by:
a. Providing a news platform for enterprises focussed on sustainability or transparency (in general ‘good governance’)
b. The realization and maintaining of indexes of organizations that comply with sustainability or transparency standard, in which both legal- and natural entities can be registered. Organization indexes are focussed on providing a platform to publish their compliance. This website is not focussed on providing any regulation or other guidelines with regards to the external standards referred to. This website is a news platform only.